Area of Concentration For WAEC Chemistry

Are you in search of an area of concentration for your waec chemistry examination. Well i am glad to inform you that you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you might be wondering what does an area of concentration means. An area of concentration means those topics that do come out every year for chemistry examination, and you must ensure you read it over and over again so you can be well prepared for the upcoming examination.

Note: it does not mean you wont read other topics not on the area of concentration for waec chemistry examination, actually you need to. So that you can be better than the best.

Things you should know about area of concentration for waec chemistry

  • You should note that area of concentration for your chemistry examination will set you on the right path and it will ensure you cover those pressing topics you need to cover without leaving anyone behind.
  • It helps you to prepare better because you already know what is in vogue.
  • It helps you to be better than your peers because you have a secret weapon they don’t have.

Having known all this, are you still dulling. Well if you have been dulling all this time, now you should not because you already know how area of concentration for your chemistry examination will help you to score higher and become one of the best. Sincerely, there is no secret about it. One man once said a man who knows the way is the one that knows book. How hilarious…

Now, having had a glimpse of idea of how important area of concentration is, lets move on to the things you will see in an area of concentration for your upcoming waec chemistry examination.

Things you will see on your area of concentration for your upcoming waec chemistry examination

  • It is the most simplest, easiest things or materials you will see for getting vital information for your upcoming exam.
  • When we talk about area of concentration,we are also talking about waec syllabus for chemistry examination. Hence, it contains vital information on the topics to be read, contents of the topics e.t.c
  • It is free of charge and very accessible once you have data on your phone, you can browse it online, just like you are doing here.hence it is free of charge and very accessible.
  • It contains information on all what you need to cover before writing the exam, that will set you ahead of others.
  • Why you need waec chemistry area of concentration/syllabus as a student
  • Get important information concerning each topics aims and objectives.
  • Have a general knowledge concerning where waec normally sets their questions from.
  • Know the contents that is within each topics.
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The objectives of waec chemistry area of concentration

  1. To have the necessary logical reasoning in solving any problems
  2. It will guide you to know about the short notes and recommended textbooks needed for the exams.
  3. To have a vital computational skills in solving any problems
  4. To prepare candidates so that they can know where to get area of concentration, they can rely on.
  5. To ensure that the objectives of each topics is well understood and well taught to the students
  6. To apply this principles and theories taught to everyday life.

Waec chemistry examination pattern

  • We should note that all chemistry waec examination is in objective forms.
  • Candidates are expected to answer 180 questions within 2hours.
  • Answering waec examination is easy, all candidates needs to do is to recognise and to be able to have a good knowledge of subject matter.
  • Waec questions are in different, some could be true or false, while some could be multiple choice and the rest.
  • Waec questions tend to cover more materials than waec essays, i hope you know that, if not. Ensure you know that now.
  • Waec questions has only one correct answer.
  • Waec requires strict preparation and well versed knowledge of subject matter.

Tips on how to cover waec syllabus within two weeks.


Go through the syllabus thoroughly.

  1. Collect necessary studying materials needed from different sources
  2. Visit different websites and textbooks to gain more knowledge and to make your necessary contribution if needed.
  3. Make your personal notes on every topics you read. This will help alot.
  4. Make important points and make use of initials too so you can be able to remember what you ought to remember.
  5. Form a valid abbreviations for yourself and use them to study.

Principle 2

  1. Having too many textbooks will confuse you and give you burden.
  2. It is necessary you find solutions to all problems met when reading or solving.
  3. Ensure you jot down the salient point and have your personal notebook while reading, this will keep you on managing your time.
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Principle 3

  • Practise at least 5 previous years past questions so you can see the format waec set its questions. Also ensure you get the right answers to the questions.
  • Read efficient textbooks and also ensure to read the textbooks that explains better, that enables you to grasp the subject matter very well.

Principle 4

  • First choose the easy topic that you know you can understand properly within a twinkle of an eye. You should complete the easy topic first, you can complete this in no time.
  • After that, first try read the book and take short notes on that book.
  • If you are preparing for waec exam, them sit down and analyze past questions of waec to see the format in which waec sets its question.
  • Focus more on those topics that are repeated frequently in the past questions.
  1. The G factor: Always ensure you pray to your maker before and after reading and also pray to him before and after your exams. Many students thinks they can pass on their own and therefore neglect the God factor. That will bring them failure of course because even the bible confirms it, lean not on your own understanding.
  2. Waec past questions and answers: when using waec questions, ensure you solve those questions on your own before checking the answer. Also ensure that the ones you don’t know or the one you are not sure of, make sure you give your teachers or people who are better than you in chemistry to put you through. Don’t always rely on the past question answer, some of them are not correct. Ensure you find the correct answers to all the questions.
  3. Waec chemistry textbook: when using any chemistry textbook, ensure you read the ones that you find it easy to remember. Don’t read the ones you find it hard to read as doing this could lead you to fail your exams woefully.
  • Don’t be a jack of all trade by trying to remember everything. Instead you should understand the concept, once you understand the concept, you can put it down in your own way.
  • Ensure you take short and long breaks while studying.
  • Engage in meaningful conversation with your friends so as to share knowledge and gain more knowledge since nobody is a mountain of knowledge.
  • Ensure you don’t stress your brain too much by loading it with knowledge even when you ought to be sleeping. Ensure you sleep when you ought to.
  • Get a mentor who will advise you on what and what you ought not to do. Ensure your mentor is someone who is successful and someone you can look up to.
  • Ask for feedback from your mentor or your teachers on how far you are performing.
  • Make reliable and realistic goals everyday and achieve them.
  • Form your own note as you study.
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Tips you should note when writing your Chemistry exams to avoid had i known

Area of concentration for waec chemistry
  • When you have less than 20 minutes to the end of the papers and you discovered you still have so many difficult questions that you have not answered, then you should ensure you use the prediction method.
  • Never should you leave any questions unanswered. Even though you don’t know the answer, ensure you quess.
  • It is advisable to start answering from the simplest questions before moving on to the hard ones.
  • Read and understand the questions properly before selecting an answer, ensure you note this.
  • Do not waste much time on a particular question, if you don’t know one, then move on to the next one but incase you don’t have time, just quess.
  • Evaluate each answers after reading the questions and understanding what it is telling you to do. Evaluate each answers as this will help you to discover the answer you should choose. There are some times whereby you will have two close answers, in this case, take a deep breath,relax and pray, then choose the option that inner mind tells you to choose, it normally end up mostly to be the right answer.
  • Remove each wrong answer from the option in order to get the right answer. For instance, you can be asked which gender is your mum, you should note that the answer is female, so any other answer that does not relate with the questions, you should eliminate it.

You can download your chemistry area of concentration here


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