GCE WAEC Result 2020/2021 Is Out | How To Check Via SMS

2021/2022 WAEC Result, Released: Here are all you need to know about GCE result, how to check result on www.waecdirect.org, how to check WAEC result via SMS

Did you write WAEC in 2021/2022? Have you been looking for how to check your 2021 WAEC result? Do you know how many people passed the just concluded WAEC result? Do you want to know how many people failed the 2021 GCE exam? Do you know you can as well check your result online without stress? Then am glad you are on this page.

How To Check 2021 WAEC Result Via SMS

Follow the simple steps below to check your 2021/22 WAEC result for free with SMS

  1. Kindly ensure you have at least #30 in your main balance airtime before you do this.
  2. Then send WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear To 32327 e.g  (WAEC*4673900584*123456789012*2021)
  3. Ensure to cross-check the information you have entered to make sure it is correct  and no space is added, then send
  4. Wait for a while
  5. Your result will then be sent to you Via SMS directly to our phone.

Please note that you can check your 2021/22  WAEC result with any phone/sim  regardless of whether you used it while creating your WAEC  profile or not

How To Check WAEC Result Using Scratch Card

To check by the means of scratch card, all on the need to do is to purchase the one-time card/WAEC result checker otherwise known as a scratch card for #500 (Five hundred naira only) from any authorised seller near you.

Now that you have purchased your scratch card, let us see how we can check our results.

Follow these steps to check your result once you have gotten your scratch card ready;

Step 1. Visit the WAEC result checking portal by clicking www.waecdirect.org.

Step 2. Enter your Examination number [This is your 7-Digit centre number + the 3-digit candidate number eg. 123456890]

Step 3. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year i.e 2021

Examination year

Step 4. Select the Type of Examination  i.e. PRIVATE CANDIDATE RESULT

Examination type

Step 5. Enter the Card Serial Number at the backside of your Scratch card

Card serial number

Step 6. Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Card serial pin

Step 7. Click Submit, this will bring out your result


Step 8. Print your result if necessary.

Note that: Ensure you know your 10-digit Pin given to you during your WAEC registration i.e. Do not throw away your WAEC card given to you while registering, because if you have this, you may not need to buy a scratch card to check your result.

How Many Time Can I Check My WAEC Result With My Scratch Card?

Kindly note that result can be checked maximum 5-times with the scratch card. after this, you will need to buy another one before you can be permitted to check your result.

Lesson To Learn: This teaches us that before you even check your result for those 5-times, ensure to have printed it out with at least some reasonable number of photocopies. Please ensure you have printed out the coloured type, even though the original coloured ty[pe of the result is obtainable only at the WAEC office, which will be given to you from your respective schools once it is out.

Can I Check WAEC Result Without Scratch Card?

Yes! You can check your WAEC result without buying any scratch card. There are two ways you can go about doing this which are relatively easy and as well cost you nothing.

1. By keeping your WAEC Pin. This is the first free scratch card WAEC offers to every of its candidates and you can use this to also check your result online for free 5-times.

2. The second way to do this is by checking the  result on Google or any other  search engine simply by visiting the WAEC portal (www.waecdirect.org) and then follow the  steps we have given above (How To Check WAEC Result With Scratch Card)

Can I Check My WAEC Result Without Examination Number?

No! There is absolutely no way you can check your WAEC  result without having your registration number.

How To RetriveLost/ Fogotten WAEC Registration  Number

For those who can still remember their WAEC seat number, Follow these steps to retrieve your WAEC registration number;

  1. Click Here to know you WAEC centre
  2. After you have known your centre Then add your WAEC seat number as a suffix to it. e.g

If your WAEC centre number is 1234567, and your seat number is 891, then your WAEC registration number will be 1234567+891 = 1234567891

Another way you can also retrieve you lost WAEC registration number is; If you know the person who sat beside, in front, directly at the back,  these people are likely to give you an idea of how you can remember your own since the seats were arranged in the other of the number.

Please: If you cannot remember your WAEC seat number again, the above will not work for you. This means that the only way you can retrieve this is by visiting the WAEC office nearest to them.

This is the much we can take on the topic “How To Check WAEC Result“. Thank you for reading.

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