How to link NIN to 9Mobile


Are you yet to link your NIN to your 9mobile? If you haven’t done so, this article will show you the various steps on how to link your NIN to your 9mobile.

It has become compulsory for all Nigerians to have their NIN linked to their various networks, and failure to do so results in the barring of lines. Linking NIN to other networks like Glo, MTN and Airtel, may be easy, but many find it difficult doing so with the 9mobile network.

The good news is that we have carried out thorough research on how you can link your NIN to your 9mobile. In this article, we will also find answers to the following questions; what is NIN? Why is it important to link your mobile number to your NIN? How to retrieve your NIN on 9mobile and How to register for NIN

How to link NIN to 9Mobile

What is NIN?

The full meaning of NIN is National Identification Number. It is a set of digits that is assigned to a person after his or her enrollment is successful. The enrollment process involves the capturing of an individual’s demographic data including an individual’s ten fingerprints, face, and a digital signature that are used in crosschecking an individual’s existing National Identity Database to affirm that there is no previous entry of similar data. Also once the NIN is issued out to an individual, it can not be reassigned to another person, even if the person is dead.

Why is NIN important?

The Government has made NIN registration very important and compulsory, in fact from the moment the law was signed, any transaction you want to perform or any registration now requires you to provide your NIN. That means any registration that requires verification of identity will require NIN. The various areas which you will be asked to provide your NIN are listed below;


• Travel (international passport application & acquisition)
• Getting your driver’s license
• obtaining your National e-ID card
• obtaining your Permanent Voters’ Card
• participating in the National Health Insurance Scheme
• payment of your taxes
• transactions related to your contributory pension scheme
• opening personal bank accounts
• transactions with social security implications
• land transactions subject to the Land Use Act
• access to welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian Government
• any other transactions NIMC may so prescribe and list in the Federal Government Gazette

How to Register for NIN

To register for NIN, there are some steps you need to follow. But first, you need to visit any of the NIMC (National Identification Management Commission) Centers close to you. There you will be given a NIN enrollment form to fill that is after you must have confirmed that your number has not been linked already through your bank, to NIN. After filling the enrollment form, you then submit it at any of the NIMC centres closest to you. On completion of the enrollment process, you will be given two slips; NIN Slip indicating completion of enrolment and the Transaction slip.

How to Link NIN to 9Mobile

Linking your NIN to 9Mobile can be done using two methods, first is by linking your NIN through the 9Mobile NIN Portal; second is by simply dialling the 9Mobile NIN Code. We are going to consider the steps involved in linking the NIN to 9Mobile through the two methods above.
Method 1: through the 9Mobile NIN Portal.
Step 1: login to the 9Mobile NIN portal through the link
Step 2: fill in the required information in the boxes provided on the site.
Step 3: Finally, click on submit and then wait patiently for a confirmation message that will be sent to your 9mobile number via text message.
Method 2: Link through the 9mobike NIN code
To link your NIN to your 9mobile, simply dial *200*8# and your 9mobile will automatically be linked to your NIN.

In conclusion, linking your NIN to your 9mobile or any other network is not as daunting as you see it. By following through the procedures laid down in this article, on how to link your NIN to your 9mobile, you will be able to complete the process with ease. Also, treat your NIN with importance as you will now be needing it for any registration or application in Nigeria.

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