How To have a good degree in the university

It is every student dream to make first class degree in the university. But it is not every student that is willing to make the sacrifices.

To make a first class in the university, it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of commitment coupled with a lot of sacrifices. Going through school and making first class is not easy. Should we talk about the long and boring lectures or the bulky assignment. Should we talk about the way some teachers behaves like semi gods. Or should we talk about the long and tedious project given to the students.

All these are not easy but still some student were able to make first class while some failed to. So therefore in this article, we would love to share some fantastic tips used by outstanding student all over the world On how they were able to make first class degree in the university.

Believe in yourself.
  • Believe in yourself: A wise man Once said “when you believe you can, you are half way there”. In order to make first class degree in the university, have a strong conviction that you will make first class. When you have this strong belief, it will spur you on the way to achieve it. This life itself is amazing, when you believe you can do something, life begins to set you on that path. But if the reverse is the case,i am sorry to say this, it will take only the grace of God to achieve your aims. So therefore believe you can and you will.
  • Don’t joke with the God factor: Sincerely you need God in your life in order to achieve this. Without God, it is impossible to make first class degree in the university. God is a supreme being and he wants the best for you,when you have a relationship with him, he will set you on the right path in making a first Class. In order to make first class, you need him in every areas of your life. You need him in order to be healthy, you also need him to grant you retentive memory and the likes. Sincerely you cant do all this alone, connect to your maker today and see how every of your plans will be so easy to achieve.
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  • Start early: in this aspect, we mean you should start reading at the first day of school. Get all the necessary materials you need like past-questions,slide,pdf,textbook and other necessary things. First class student don’t joke with this, they start early and that is what seperates them from other student. Outstanding student starts reading their books bit by bit, they don’t wait until the last hours before they start reading Like the way most students does, this is a very bad approach to making first class in the university.
  • Know what works for you: find the time of the day that you know is the best period for you to read, also find the best atmosphere you prefer to read with. Some outstanding students loves reading at a crowdy/noisy place while some loves reading at a very quiet place. Know what works for you. Some loves reading only in the morning, that is, they assimilate better only in the morning, if they try to read in any part of the day, they might only be deceiving themselves because that time of the day doesnt work for them, this might made them not to be able to make first class degree in the university.
  • Be consistent: being consistent in life is the key to success. Be in consistent by maintaining your relationship with God, be consistent with your books, be consistent with where and when you read. When you do this, it will not only keep increasing your chance of making first class, it will also help you to achieve it. Dont forget, be consistent in your dealings.
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  • Move with people with the same goal: To make a first class degree in the university, you cannot do it alone. You will need people to assist you and those people you chose to mingle with can make or mar you. When you move with people with the same goal like you, they will help you to achieve your dream but if you move with people that does bot have the same goal like you, they will bring you down to their level and destroy you. Most people think they can make first class with people by being a loner, that is not mingling or associating with anybody, sincerely it is not possible because at some point in time, you will need help and it is those who you associate with that will help you. So therefore start associating with people that are of likeminds, this will help you greatly in achieving your aims.
  • Go to class: Yeah we know, most students sees class lectures as wasting of time but still as a student who knows what he/she wants to achieve, you need to go to class. To make a first class degree in the university requires a lot of sacrifice, going to class is one if them. When you go to class, there is no way you wont gain just a single thing except you are not attentive to the teacher. Also dont forget, no knowledge is a waste. There are some things you would be taught in the class that you will not find in your textbooks or your pdfs. So attending class is very importanter. Also, there are some times the lecturers can give an unannounce test, imagine you are not present in class, it wil affect you badly as it might cut short your aim for first class. Moreover whenever a teacher teaches in class, be attentive and jot down the salient point,this will help you greatly when you are revising the book.
  • Pray: The holy bible says “it is not him that willeth but God that showeth mercy”. After you have done your possible best, there is every need for you to pray in order to make a first class degree in the university.
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Finally, if you can do all the tips we at Provided for you, there is no cause for alarm as this will assist you alot on making a first class degree in the university.

We wish you success in your future endeavours.

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