Are you a student with growing interest for academic excellence? Take advantage of the times. I mean the ”international holiday” of the Covid-19.

Oh! I guess you want me to give you a breakdown of what it is? Like, how it is contracted, it’s symptoms and blah blah blah? Every single soul on the street knows that already! It has always made the headlines. So, I had better saved you the time.

As the federal government of Nigeria had declared a 14-day stay home for most citizens before it was later extended and then extended just to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, burning the midnight oil against resumption should be the aim of every smart student. It’s your sure bet-an edge over many colleagues who are either blind to the opportunity in this or are just surprisingly reluctant!

Little wonder, though. It’s no news again in Nigerian tertiary institutions, that many students fend for themselves, with little or no assistance from friends and family. This sets of students are commonly termed “hustlers”. They try to keep a balance between their studies and running errands for little pennies, usually from odd jobs. This category of students will most likely resort to engaging in more jobs on the streets rather than stay home and study. The consequence of this comes in the form of awful grade points known as CGPA for tertiary students, at resumption. But it is important to note that, even if you fall into this category, you can still spare 20-30 mins of your time daily, to study: remember, “no cross, no crown”.

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Whichever category you fall in, resolve in your heart today to go through a course or two daily. It’s an investment with great returns. To achieve this, consider doing the following as this will help you to study effectively for your exams with ease and come out with good grades.

  • Set a study timetable.
  • Get a study partner (it motivates).
  • Take a short break once you are getting bored.
  • Read in a quite environment, devoid of distractions like TV, music, many passers-by, etc.
  • Surf the Internet for PDF contents if you feel uneasy studying with hard copies.

It’s unlikely you achieve that easily, but you can be sure there’s no shortcut to success. TAKE A STEP NOW and thank yourself at the end of the semester! Hopefully, the stay home will be called off soon.

If you found this helpful, don’t forget to check back here for an even more interesting piece. And please: the COVID-19 is real. Stay safe!


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