If you have been looking for how best you can WRITE letter in WAEC and have a good SCORE, then this article is just for you. I Will be giving you some IMPORTANT TIPS on how you will improve your letter writting skill for a better WAEC result

The majority of students are not aware of the fact that letter writing in WAEC do fetch more marks to other essay writings.

There is a saying that “Heaven helps those who helps themselves” lack of seriousness in some students has led them to a wrong path. An external examination is one of the easiest exams to pass and yet very difficult to overcome, Hence, we have to help ourselves out if we really aim for the best.

Let me start from here, It is a pity that some students do not really work hard on how to develop their essay writing skill in reference to making researhes on hints on how to write a good letter

Or rather, they don’t take it that serious. Why some do this may be because they feel they know the right thing to do whereas, they don’t have the slightest idea of what WAEC LETTER writting is all about.

My tutorial teacher has once made me realised that letter writing is easy to pass if you know the hints on how to write a good letter and it’s is the easiest way to earn free marks in WAEC use of English exam.

Let me list some of these important things examiners looks at when grading WAEC letters before I will talk more on them.

  1. Address
  2. Good introduction
  3. Body of the letter
  4. Good and simple language or diction[AMBIGUITY]
  5. Mechanical accuracy
  6. A good letter conclusion

In this article, I will give you some detailed tips that your examiners are looking out for in your letters when writting for WAEC exams, Irrespective of whether its formal or informal letter.


Table of Contents

1.Know their respective features

Student must get themselves familiar more on their features.
For instance, formal letter is official
It requires two addresses;the recipient’s and the receiver’s address
While informal letter is for relatives; which requires only one address

2.The ability to decipher what the topics entails

This is also one of the greatest secrets of how to write a good letter.
If you are given a topic to write on how you have been able to make a success in school. Here ,it also means steps you have taken to perform excellently in academic areas. Do not use difficult grammars which will give you confusion for you to interprete the topics.

3. Avoid digression when developing your points

that is, don’t introduce unrelated materials to your points concentrate only on your point not on what does not go in line with your points.
Funnily, students do that to attract marks but not in the case of digression.if you try that in formal letter especially when you know the person and you are asking her ” how are you” candidly, your points is off the point and expects reduction from your score as formal letter is official irrespective of how the person you are writing to is related to you.

4. study well on your address and salutations

Your address in both letters is either written in slant or straight line. It is most recommended of students to choose the straight line method to write address because the slant lines is difficult to get once the examiners are set to mark your script they focus on the straight line and how you construct the address.check this:
20, Ayanfemi Street,
Lagos State.
8th November,2020.


Look at the address

Note:formal address’recipient is at the right corner while the receiver’s is at the left corner. That of informal Is one and is at the right corner .
Your salutation in formal letter is:Dear Ma,Dear Sir,

Informal :Dear father not sir because you are familiar.
5. To write a good letter: your introduction must be meaningful in both letters.
For formal, I Ayinde khadijat hereby brought to your awareness concerning….
For informal, people do say if you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail. This words captivated me by working effortlessly in thriving for success….

This introduction has boosted your mind on your constructive introduction which entices the examiners.
Make sure if your title in formal letter is in capital letter don’t underline the title but if is in small letter you can underline it.

Students Should also try and make references to some points they developed as the topics given to them is based on what they have done rather based on realities. The topics will determine.

6. Never leave a little space for paragraph

Students should start their paragraph beneath the next name in your salutation.i.e Dear Ma, start your paragraph beneath Ma.

7. Be watchful of your complementary close

Yours sincerely belongs to informal letter+your name beneath.
Yours faithfully is formal letter +your signature+surname and your name.


  • The use of appropriate punctuation marks in your sentence.
  • for formal letter Yours sincerely be mindful of the ‘s’ not ‘S’
  • for informal letter, Yours faithfully, Yours affectionately etc
  • Tense usage: know your singular and plural, your present, past and past participle tense.
  • Appropriate use of Concord.
  • Never misspell a words and try not to use grammars you don’t understand.it causes confusion to the examiners.
  • DO not be too ambiguous(Complicated big grammar) in your expression of mind
  • Don’t Join two words together in your sentence,e.g oneof (wrong) one of (right).
  • Never use transition words like thirdly,fourthly, it is not presentable and acceptable. But rather use moreso, moreover, furthermore,in addition, in conclusion etc.
  • Avoid customizing your alphabet: if you are use to doing that, don’t try it in your WAEC exam as it reduces your overall marks in WAEC.
  • make sure your writing is legible to read
  • avoid writting too much of word( stay within the given limits MOSTLY 200-250 words
  • let your introduction be captivating and make your conclution interesting: most examiners don’t just scheme through the body and focuses more on the introduction and conclusion, so make sure they are both well organised.
  • When your words cannot fit in to a line, be careful on how you break them when applying hyphen- Make sure you break it syllable by syllable else start from a new line.
  • All these aforementioned hints are the measures to tackle your problem on how to write a good letter. I want you to know that practice makes perfection,practise well on letter writing to avoid jargons when writing it on examination day.


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