I Am Yet To Receive JAMB Profile Code After Sending NIN To 55019? See Solution


Are you yet to receive the JAMB profile code or JAMB profile password after sending your NIN to 55019 – See how to resolve it below in few steps.

JAMB profile code not sent solution

My JAMB profile code 2021 not sent to me or JAMB profile code not working – Here is a simple guide to resolve it – Please I have sent my NIN number to JAMB 55019 but I am yet to see my JAMB profile code, this is one very small but important questions mostly asked by JAMB candidates in 2021

NOTE: You will need your NIN for the 2021 JAMB registration, so it better you get it done once and for all.

Let’s go straight to what we have for you today. If you have sent the yo NIN to JAMB shortcode – 55019 but you are yet to get your profile code as SMS to your phone, then this article is meant just for you. I have highlighted 5 working ways you can follow to get your JAMB profile code instantly as SMS on your phone.


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Are you getting an error that your SIM card has already been registered because you have tried it multiple times? 

I am well sure that the tips I will be showing you in this article are a sure way to resolve any issue you might have been having not getting your JAMB profile code. I am very certain you will find it helpful and detailed well enough for you.

I Have Not Received My JAMB Profile Code Issue- Here Is How To Solve

Step 1

The first thing to do is that you must ensure to send your NIN to 55019, NOT your NAME

Before now, candidates go through the process of just sending their names to 55019 and they will get their profile code, but unfortunately, things took a new turn in 2020 and JAMB has made the addition of the NIN compulsory for all candidates before registration.

Step 2

Ensure you are not sending your Card TRACKING NUMBER instead of your NIN NUMBER. And also ensure you cross-check that it is correct for you to send it.

Step 3

Make sure that you have enough airtime on your phone or SIM card you want to send the SMS with – Minimum of 150 Naira. receiving the JAMB profile code is not free like the normal free SMS that you sometimes can send for free.

Even if you have a free 30 SMS gift on your phone, you can not get the JAMB code if you don’t have a minimum balance of 150 nairas.


Hence, if you don’t have airtime on the phone, you have to get it now.

Step 4.

Ensure your sim card can send SMS successfully. Some SIM cards actually have problems in sending SMS, so you should try and be sure that your SIM card doesn’t fall in that category by experimenting with another phone close to you.

Step 5

Ensure you set your phone SMS to privacy to “DELIVERED MODE“. This means that you should go to you your phone SMS setting and make sure that you are set to it so that you can be able to receive the DELIVERED SUCCESSFULLY  message.

Additional TIPS if your profile code has not been sent to you upon trying every means to send your NIN multiple times to 55019.

  • Change your location.
  • Insert your SIM on another phone
  • Send the message when you phone the network it best (mostly at night)
  • Ensure you have a credit balance on your phone -150# minimum (Important).

Have you successfully gotten your code?


Then proceed to this page to create your JAMB profile with ease.

If you have a profile code before, but you have lost it, then please proceed to this page to see how to retrieve JAMB profile code

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I am well sure that these tips will go a long way in helping you solve the problem of JAMB code not received. If it actually did, please don’t forget to comment and share.

Frequently  Asked  Questions

How Can I Retrieve My JAMB Profile Code?

The process is very simple, simply follow the step highlighted in the article below to get your JAMB profile password immediately
how to retrieve a lost jamb profile code
4 Easy Steps To Retrieve A Lost JAMB Profile Code

Is NIN Compulsory For JAMB registration?

Yes, it is important for you to have your National Identification Number NIN to register for JAMB in 2021

JAMB profile code not sent solution

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