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I Am Yet To Receive JAMB Profile Code After Sending NIN To 55019? See Solution

Are you yet to receive the JAMB profile code or JAMB profile password after sending your NIN to 55019 – See how to resolve it below in a few steps.

JAMB profile code not sent solution

My JAMB profile code 2022 not sent to me or JAMB profile code not working – Here is a simple guide to resolve it – Please I have sent my NIN number to JAMB 55019 but I am yet to see my JAMB profile code, this is one very small but important questions mostly asked by JAMB candidates in 2022

NOTE: You will need your NIN for the 2022 JAMB registration, so it better you get it done once and for all.

Let’s go straight to what we have for you today. If you have sent the yo NIN to JAMB shortcode – 55019 but you are yet to get your profile code as SMS to your phone, then this article is meant just for you. I have highlighted 5 working ways you can follow to get your JAMB profile code instantly as SMS on your phone.


Due to the urgency of this issue, and because we may not be able to respond to all your questions regarding this topic Immediately, we have created a student help center on WhatsApp where you can ask any questions regarding this topic and get an immediate response from our team. Kindly join below and share with your friends too because just by sharing, you might be saving a soul from not doing JAMB this year, so please and please share the group link. Many aspirants need it.

  • For you to get a response, Save the WhatsApp Admin Name as “Temikola” 
  • Then send him a direct message stating your issue and he will attend to your request.
  • PLEASE If you do not follow this process, you might not get any response.

Thank you.

Click here to join now Or Send a WhatsApp Message To Me On 08107022645 to Add Log your Complaint

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Alternatively, you can comment on your phone number in the comment session to get you added.

Are you getting an error that your SIM card has already been registered because you have tried it multiple times? 

I am well sure that the tips I will be showing you in this article are a sure way to resolve any issue you might have been having not getting your JAMB profile code. I am very certain you will find it helpful and detailed well enough for you.

I Have Not Received My JAMB Profile Code Issue- Here Is How To Solve

Step 1

The first thing to do is that you must ensure to send your NIN to 55019, NOT your NAME

Before now, candidates go through the process of just sending their names to 55019 and they will get their profile code, but unfortunately, things took a new turn in 2020 and JAMB has made the addition of the NIN compulsory for all candidates before registration.

Step 2

Ensure you are not sending your Card TRACKING NUMBER instead of your NIN NUMBER. And also ensure you cross-check that it is correct for you to send it.

Step 3

Make sure that you have enough airtime on your phone or SIM card you want to send the SMS with – Minimum of 150 Naira. receiving the JAMB profile code is not free like the normal free SMS that you sometimes can send for free.

Even if you have a free 30 SMS gift on your phone, you can not get the JAMB code if you don’t have a minimum balance of 150 nairas.

Hence, if you don’t have airtime on the phone, you have to get it now.

Step 4.

Ensure your sim card can send SMS successfully. Some SIM cards actually have problems in sending SMS, so you should try and be sure that your SIM card doesn’t fall in that category by experimenting with another phone close to you.

Step 5

Ensure you set your phone SMS to privacy to “DELIVERED MODE“. This means that you should go to you your phone SMS setting and make sure that you are set to it so that you can be able to receive the DELIVERED SUCCESSFULLY  message.

Additional TIPS if your profile code has not been sent to you upon trying every means to send your NIN multiple times to 55019.

  • Change your location.
  • Insert your SIM on another phone
  • Send the message when you phone the network it best (mostly at night)
  • Ensure you have a credit balance on your phone -150# minimum (Important).

Have you successfully gotten your code?


Then proceed to this page to create your JAMB profile with ease.

If you have a profile code before, but you have lost it, then please proceed to this page to see how to retrieve JAMB profile code

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I am well sure that these tips will go a long way in helping you solve the problem of JAMB code not received. If it actually did, please don’t forget to comment and share.

Frequently  Asked  Questions

How Can I Retrieve My JAMB Profile Code?

The process is very simple, simply follow the step highlighted in the article below to get your JAMB profile password immediately
how to retrieve a lost jamb profile code
4 Easy Steps To Retrieve A Lost JAMB Profile Code

Is NIN Compulsory For JAMB registration?

Yes, it is important for you to have your National Identification Number NIN to register for JAMB in 2022

JAMB profile code not sent solution


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I have been trying to get my profile code, but it’s saying “Record Not Found” or ” Unable o Charge” Please what should I do?

If you still have a challenge on getting your JAMB profile code, please comment below and I will respond to your questions immediately but ensure to subscribe for notification.

I advise you to also subscribe to our post update form, so you could be updated when there is new information that might be of help to you in your quest for JAMB registration 2022.


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  1. Please I have done everything we are asked to do but I am not still getting my profile code
    Please help me

  2. It’s saying invalid profile code that it has been paid for since 2019, because I registered for direct entry that year and I don’t know what to do

  3. Sir I was trying it it was bringing out wrong parameter number passed, I don’t even know what to do againMy nin number (62463129819)and my airtel number is 08126737784 and my mtn is 08109889274 both are linked but I don’t understand

  4. I haven’t gotten my jamb profile for the past two weeks…
    Am getting a response RECORD NOT FOUND.
    What should i do….
    I have been deducted many times by 55019….

  5. I have tried sending my NIN to 55019 five times but they are still writing no record found please help me out, time is against please

  6. Please am having issue with my jamg profile code after sending my NIN to 55019 the next message I got was that my record was not found and have been trying it still the same response please what should I do

  7. Any time I use my nin to register it’s showing ‘no record found’ and I tried till now still the same thing, please how can I do it

  8. Please have been trying to get my profile code but it’s not going. It’s just saying unable to process ur request at this moment. Pls help me out

  9. I av sent mine many times already but it keeps sending timeout ..I dnt knw wat else to do….nd 2022 jamb reg will soon close

  10. Pls I need help I have send my NIN more than 15times yet they still says record not found what should I do pls

  11. I have try everything I can and is either show no record found or unable to charge your line or sent NIN NAME and number

  12. I have been trying to get my profile code since morning but it’s proving abortive by saying no record found and unable to charge this line having tried it on 4 different sims
    Plss kindly come to my aid as it is very crucial at this moment to have it so I can proceed with my jamb registration

  13. I’ve spent #1500 yet i’m still f****** waiting for my profile code
    When am I getting it? I don’t want late registration

  14. This is the exact message I get whenever I try to get the code

    “Unable to charge your line at the moment. [err:net]“

    And they keep charging my line. I have spent almost 500 Naira and I still get this response. Please help

  15. pls I need ur help I aven’t seen my profile code its saying unable to charge ur line at the moment and I need it tomorrow pls what should I do

  16. I have sent my NIN to 55019…at first I’ll be told that my request has been received and is being processed…the next moment they send another message saying: “Unable to charge your line at the moment. [err:net]”
    I have more than enough card on my phone…and this has been going on for some time now… please what should I do…??

  17. Pls i need ur help i av tried everything possible to get my profile code but it is bringing error;net please what should i do
    I need ans 2day plss
    I am going for my registration 2day

  18. I’m unable to generate my profile code it just saying no record founds please help me out add me up sir

  19. pls someone should help me out i have been trying to get my jamb profile i still see no record found what should i do now pls

  20. Please I have sent my nin to 55019 more than 15 times but they haven’t sent my profile code yet , please admin I need feedbacks on d way forward bcos time is not longer on my side ,Nd for d past three weeks now I have been sending my nin to 55019 but they haven’t sent it yet please dis is my WhatsApp num 09131826395 please add me up

  21. Good day Sir/Ma
    I have been trying to get my profile code for over 2 weeks but still it yeilds no result
    Firstly it showed in my new sim ur NIN has already been registered by my former sim I tried it sending it again but it won’t give me a response it kept showing charge err.net, and I have more than enough airtime

  22. Pls I need ur help I have sent my NIN to 50019 more five times but them said my require have been processed and it being response shortly after some minute then text back that no record found pls help me out

  23. I sent my NIN to 55019 and i got the reply (your NIN has been registered with this GSM number 08020806941)which is an unknown number i dont know whose number it is, and i tried calling the number but its switched, pls what do i do?

  24. I linked my NIN to a new sim i bought to get my profile code and i wqs told that my NIN(…..6799) has been registered to the GSM number I used last year…What should I do…
    Should I use same number and Email of last year to get my profile code?

  25. Good morning..
    I still find it difficult to get my profile code through SMS after sending my NIN number to 55019 like this NIN 1234567890
    But instead they will reply “NIN must be numbers only. e.g NIN 00000000021 to 55019”

  26. I tried to send message to 55019
    It keeps saying my GDM number has already been resisted with NIN
    And I use another SIM card to register NIN again and it was approved
    Now it keeps saying the sane think
    Oh my God

    But it is possible to use another number since you register it again with your NIN
    Please do something

  27. Please i truly need ur help i have not still gotten my profile code yet, i have tried everything pls help me out what do i do

  28. Pls have not been given my profile code despite the fact that have use all the three sims and its up to a month nw
    They only deduct without sending the code

  29. I have sent my NIN to 55019 more than 14 times, I still haven’t gotten my profile code, I even tried using a different phone, it still didn’t work…. Pls anything else I can do, the jamb registration is ending on the 29th

  30. Here is my what’s app number
    08168294813 add me to the WhatsApp group so that i can know what’s happening.

  31. I have send my NIN to 55019 about 30 times I have not still see my profile Code. When I try using *55019*1*NIN# they keep telling me no record found and the registration of jamb form is about to end and I have not received my profile code. Each time I send my NIN to 55019 the keep deducting my credit and I have spend over 1000 naire airtime trying to get my profile code and I have not receive my profile code, please do something the registration of jamb form is about to end. Please help me.

  32. I’m Mohammed Habeeb Ayomide I have been trying to generate a code with my NIN to register for jamb 2021,but saying my passport obtained from NIN is not valid

  33. I have tried all other steps and it still saying no record found for NIN it more than a month now that I have been trying it.i am so fed up infact they must have deducted more than 2000 reachage card. Please help me 😥😢

  34. Please I need urgent answer
    I used sent my nin to 55019 with the sim I used for last year and also with a new sim buh I got the profile code on the old sim first and it is the same as the one I was given last year,can I use it for this year jamb

  35. Please add me in the group, I am still having difficulties generating my profile code even after trying everything.

  36. Please help me. I can’t get my profile code. Have tried it with my Airtel and Glo number. Is still showing the same thing. No record found. Send email with NIN and Name to nimc-jamb2021@nimc.gov.ng. Then try again in 4 hours. Please add me up 09072987401. I’m really frustrated 😔

  37. I’ve tried countless times but to no avail
    Please I really want to write my jamb this year but whenever I send the message I get no response

  38. Am having a big problem
    Have try it almost eight times now
    But till there don’t send my profile code
    Why is it like this nah

  39. I have tried sending my NIN to 55019 but my yet to receive my profile code, please someone should help me.

  40. I have been sending messages to 55019 to get my jamb profile code and It was just saying Unable to process your request at the moment. Try again Later. [nimc:net.err]

  41. 08038924226 Please add me up to the group, I haven’t received my profile code yet, I’ve been trying for weeks now thanks.

  42. I’m on it more than like someone wanna write exam just to get profile code I’m damn serious but yet just let’s be on it by 3am okay

    • Am yet to receive my code pls help me sir the Code(55019) is telling my passport obtained from my NIMC is not valid..pls help me sir it getting late

  43. Have tried all the necessarily means to get my jamb profile code but it’s not working……Unable to process your request at the moment. Try again Later. [nimc:net.err],👈👈this is d mssg its showing

  44. I have tried getting my profile code with three different lines, MTN will only deduct my money and no feed back, airtel is giving me error message Connection error with NIMC. [nimc:nvs] and glo is still giving me error message ” unable to process your request at the moment .try again later. [ nimc:net.err]. I have spend like 2500, just to get a profile code.Please what is the way forward time Is not on my side. I will appreciate if feed back is giving. Thanks

  45. I have send mine more than 10 time with my MTN but no reply yet, but when it with my Airtel line they told me it have been registered with my MTN number.

    So what should I do now since the portal is closing on Saturday been 15th.

  46. Am unable to get my profile code with my NIN it says no record found for NIN and later said first name or surname is missing 09027302937 add me up

    • Please help oo unable to get my jamb profile code have use almost 2000 naira card just to get mine it’s saying no record found that I should send my mail and NIN and name to a email and I have done it still same thing please help ooo jamb is closing this weekend my number is 09058176718

  47. Add me up 081525520002 mine is just saying surname and/or last name is missing from your nimc details since last week

  48. I’m yet to get my profile code, they are not even sending it. They are just stealing the airtime and it’s very annoying.

  49. I tried a lot of times and they keep removing money all the time and won’t send any code.. I have wasted over #500 trying to get the code with my registered Sim and Other Sim.. Why I’m i getting debited and they won’t still send me the code? It’s unfair

  50. Your NIN (34888691160) has already been registered with GSM Number (07032722781). But yet I didn’t received my jamb profile code. This happened when I tried in another sim

  51. Your NIN (34888691160) has already been registered with GSM Number (07032722781). But yet don’t receive my profile. And this always happened when I try another line.

  52. This people are just stealing our money, why would I send for the code several times and they take airtime without giving us codes… Everything about this government is stealing…. They should better find solution to this, cause they is no time

  53. Have spent up to 3000 plus airtime just to get me profile code, since last week have been trying it and nothing has happened, No Profile Code but yet money keeps on been deducted, it’s really painful 😫.

    • Like it’s totally frustrating 💔
      How can i keep trying my luck for the past 9 days and I’m not receiving anything 😫
      Omor time is running out i keep getting scared wvery moment 😔
      I feel like loosing hope on writing jamb this year 😭

  54. I just make am addition of name to my NIN and it has been added already by NIMC. But when I got my corrected NIN, the NIN number wasn’t the same. And I av already linked the formal NIN number to my MTN line before .
    So after checking my NIN status on my MTN line I usually get the old NIN number.
    Trying to use another number
    It will tell me that my NIN(current NIN) has already been registered with my MTN number

    It began to look like I av 2 NIN on my line

    But if I stick to using my MTN it would not send me any reply

    I even attimes use the code….
    *55019*1*NIN# but they will only say that they will send a confirmation sms, but I Neva got NIN
    Charging me multiple times 😟😟
    Pls I need assistance

  55. Connection error with NIMC. [nimc:nvs]

    This is what am seeing when i try to generate my profile code, i have tried this with AIRTEL and GLO same result is what i get while MTN will show me nothing. What should i do and they have debitted me close to N500 already for my numerous tries

    Connection error with NIMC. [nimc:nvs]

  56. Same as me I have tried serverally but to no avail it got to a point when I no longer get a response m frustrated plss any way out

  57. Have send my nin to 55019 more than 5 times and still saying your date of birth obtained from nimc is not valid.
    What to do

  58. I have tried sending my NIN with the number registered i haven’t gotten any response from them jamb would be closing on the 15

  59. I sent my nin on another sim,not the one I used for my NIN and the airtime I have there isn’t up to 150,can I resend it through my nin sim

  60. Sometimes it will say an error occured or surname and/or first name is missing from the NIMC and sometimes no respond at all but an error occured is the last message I got….. what can I do pls?…..

  61. I sent my NIN to 55019 on my MTN but am not getting any response at all… I tried with two different glo numbers buh they said my NIN has already been registered with the number I first used.i decided to use my MTN number I was getting a response that in error code 4012

  62. I’m still having issue in getting my profile code. I have not even received any confirmation confirmation text from them either. Felt so frustrated

    • Not sent or no reply.

      If it’s not sent, then ensure to have at least 150# on your phone.

      And try sending when you know the network is good.
      Also, I’ll advice you send it on a phone where you’re sure you’ll get a “message delivered” message.

      • Sir, i have tried countless number of times to get this code.
        Ive picked my jamb form already but they’re waiting for me to get my profile code so I can complete the necessary registration.ive been trying for 9 days now😔 Time is no longer on my syd again 😓 it’s keeps this question on my head…”Am i still going to Write Jamb 2021??”.

  63. I also have same problem and I don’t know why cus the number I used In sending my nin is actually linked and registered still nothing yet, I was advices to use any other line and I did and the reply they gave me was that my nin has been connected with the line after trying to use my main line….till now they still haven’t sent any code so I guess it’s for me to say goodbye to jamb this year I tried all my best tho..

  64. I tried sending my NIN twice to the jamb code today and it was saying my request is being processed and I would get a confirmation via SMS and I haven’t gotten it.pls what should I do?

  65. Please have tried it many times but they keep sending me “unable to process your request at the moment pls try again ” nimc net err. What should I do please ?

  66. I have been trying to get my profile code since the 26th of April 2021 and I have not still gotten my code. I have tried with several sims and numerous times. Please what can I do now?

      • -Unable to process your request at the moment. Try again Later. [nin-verification]

        -Invalid Name Format. Use your NIN [NIN Number]. e.g. NIN 00000012400

        -You Must supply 11 Digits NIN Number. Kindly Send NIN {Your NIN}. e.g NIN 00000000021 to 55019

        -Unable to charge your line at the moment. [err:net]

        -nin must be length = 11

        All of these…

  67. I just got a new SIM on Friday because the line I used to register nin I’ve already used it for jamb last year. So i tried this one now and nothing is coming up. And jamb will stop selling e pin tomorrow . I need ur help

  68. Why is this year jamb so frustrating, have been trying to get my profile code for days now , and have been deducted severely , but am yet to receive the profile CIDR . what can I do ? Cus I have tried different solutions but still no response. What am I going to do

  69. Please I have sent my NIN countless times and I did not get any response I used my mom‘s NTN number and I got a message that this number has been registered I continuously use the number to send message I haven’t gotten any response on the two numbers

  70. I am yet to get my profile code after so may true
    What dey keep saying is this NIN has been registered by another number

  71. I sent my NIN to 55019 on my MTN but am not getting any response at all… I tried with two different glo numbers buh they said my NIN has already been registered with the number I first used.i decided to use another MTN number I wasn’t getting any response at all too

  72. I have try my own multiple times but it keeps saying surname or first name is missing from mine details please what should I do

  73. I was given a slip that contains only tracking code since last month
    And still waiting for my nin number
    They are telling me that it’s not yet out, and I need it for jamb

    • Same thing with me I’ve been having that issues for days now what is the cause and how can we solve it before jamb closes registration

    • Pls if you’ve resolved yours pls kindly let me know WhatsApp through thew you did it so I can solve mine too pls 🙏 09023401863 that’s my number just in case

  74. I have tried sending my NIN to 55019 multiple times but I keep getting a message that says”unable to charge your line at the moment [err:net],and the number I used in registering for NIN has already been used before for JAMB registration so I’m using a different SIM.
    Please any ideas on this issue

    • Put your Sim card on another phone and try it again.

      Please let me know if this solves your problem.

      If it doesn’t, kindly let me know too, so I’ll know what else I can do for you.

      Good luck!

  75. Please the line I’m using to send my nin is a new line and I didnt use that to register my nin, will I still receive the profile code?

  76. After sending NIN with my NIN number its saying your passport obtained from NIN is not valid pls what should I do

  77. Have sent my NIN to 55019 which is more than 5 times but have not receive my profile code


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