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A very congent factor that every student considering to study in United kingdom for either their undergraduate or postgraduate courses, the first major concern is the cost of tuition fee. This is why I have have publish this article to expose you to some good universities in United kingdom with very low tuition fees, especially for international students.

It is well known that British universities are among the most expensive colleges to study in. That is just partly true. The reason why British education seems so expensive is not because of the college fee, but the cost of living in United kingdom itself. London is invariably the most expensive student city in the world to live.


The tuition fees in most colleges in Germany are more expensive for international students compared to British or European Nationale for so basic reasons. Although, there are still some few colleges which are more affordable when compared to others. Mind you, the fact that these institutions are the ones that offers the lowest tuition fees in germany expecially for international student is not a function of whether they are less competitive than other institutions.

In fact if you are looking for The most competitive low tuition Universities in UK, the below will surely be among your top choices. These are the list of low tuition Universities in United kingdom.



Staffordshire university
Year established Started in 1906 and became it in 1992
Type Public
LocationStaffordshire (Stafford; Stoke-on-Trent; Lichfield), Shropshire (Shrewsbury), England, United Kingdom
School Website
Staffordshire University

Started in 1906 and was initially called Central School of Science & Technology North Staffordshire Technical College Staffordshire Polytechnic North Staffordshire Polytechnic before and finally became a university in 1992.

The university is obviously one of the best universities UK and yet paying very less a money compared to their standard of education. The institution is also widely known for its undisputed excellence in the department of science with most of its programs featuring in the top list.

If therefore you are searching for a low tuition Universities in United kingdom, then Staffordshire University is a top choice to consider.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2018/19:

Undergraduate (Bachelors), per academic year £10,000
Postgraduate (Masters), total fees £11,500
Postgraduate (Extended Masters) £12,000
MBA £12,000
MBA International (includes overseas residential) £12,800
 MBA Finance £12,000
Staffordshire University


Low tuition Universities in UK for international students
Year established Started in 1930 and became a university in 1992
LocationMiddlesbrough and Darlington,
England, UK
Teesside University

It is most time easy to get to the top, but it takes consistency to maintain being there. Teesside University has consistently been mentioned among the top ten best universities in UK for years and has tried as much as possible to maintain this reputation for years.

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It is the first and only modern university to be named as the Times Higher Education University of the Year. The university has been in existence for over 80 years and has recorded a very appreciable level of excellence.

One thing that also make them very unique is their relatively cheap tuition fees. Cheak out their tuition fee for the 2018 to 2019 session below.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2018/19:

International foundation programmes starting September (120 credits)£9,750
Full-time undergraduate courses£10,750
Full-time postgraduate diploma courses£10,450
Full-time postgraduate courses£10,950
Master of Business Administration.£13,000
Teesside University


Cheapest universities in United kingdom
Year established 1966 and became a university in 2012
Type Public
West Yorkshire,
Lead trinity university

Personally I wouldn’t want to choose any university as maybe the best, but leaving it to me Leeds trinity University is one of the best universities i have ever read about.

It is a safe atmosphere for learning. According to the Sunday Times 2013 University guide, Leeds trinity university was rated amidst the top 10 Universities in UK and also the safest place of learning.

All this isn’t just an empty appraisals, they have indeed made giant stripes when it comes to being named among the best universities in UK’s top 10 Universities competing for position among the world university rankings.

Leeds Trinity University is a public university in England Originally established to provide qualified teachers to Catholic schools, it gradually expanded and now offers foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees in a range of humanities and social sciences. If you are looking for low tuition Universities expecially for international students, then this is a hot cake for you to consider.


Check out one thing that also make them stand out…..very affordable tuition fees among UK’s top universities for 2018/2019 session.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2018/19:

Undergraduate degree courses (3 years)£10,000
Undergraduate degree courses (2 years)£11,500
Undergraduate top-up programmes£10,500
MA Business and Management£11,500
MA Finance and Accounting£11,500
PGCE/SCITT/School Directs£11,500
MA Broadcast Journalism£9,500
MA Radio Journalism£9,500
MA Magazine Journalism£9,500
MA Victorian Studies£9,500
MA Creative Writing£9,500
MRes / PhD£11,500
Lead trinity university.


Low tuition universities in United kingdom
Year established 1970 became a university in 1992
Type Public
LocationCoventry, England.
Coventry university.

Initially called Lanchester Polytechnic. Coventry university was established in 1970 before it then became a university in 1992. The university is obviously one of the largest in the city with well over 29,000 students in 2007 and among the fastest growing institution in UK.

Nationally, the university is ranked 13th according to the 2020 guardian university guide and 44th in the The Times/Sunday Times University Guide also in 2020 ranking. The university has about four faculties and runs about 300 undergraduate courses.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2018/19:

Accounting and Finance for International Business (Top Up) BA£11,250
LONU004 Global Business (Top Up) BA£11,250
Global Business Management BA£11,250
Global Marketing (Top Up) BA£11,250
International Finance and Accounting BA£11,250
International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top Up) BA£11,250
Global Business MBA£15,000
Global Financial Services MBA£15,000
International Fashion Management MBA£15,000
International Marketing MBA£15,000
Oil and Gas Management MBA£15,000
Global Financial Trading MS£12,800
International Fashion Marketing MSC£12,800
Coventry university



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