The desire of most students especially in 21st century is to study abroad in a place different from their home country. This is why most students work extra harder to see that they have good grades in their undergraduate programs by having a very good score in WAEC and UTME exams to ensure a smooth admission to the institution of their choice which of course are the basic requirements.

However, this strong plight comes against some odds which may prove very costly as an hindrance toward achieving this set goal, and thereby, bring it to a dead end. One of this factor is the outrageous tuition fees which scares students away. Coupled with the fact that the economy of most countries has gone to state recession due to the emerging coronavirus pandemic.

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This usually happen to international applicants. Another major factor is the extreme high cost of tuition fee. This two above named factors has quenched the burning desire of most students. This is the reason why I have taken time to study the list of some very low tuition Universities you can study your psychology program to satisfy your positive desires with your little cash. Here are the top list of the low tuition universities abroad to study psychology.

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1.West Texas A&m University

This school is one of the most affordable tuition school chosen for student to attain their psychology degree. It is located in canyon Texas .
The school confers two cost effective degrees in psychology which students can choose between the inexpensive BA or BS psychology.
Tuition in-state $7,512
Out of state $7,512

2. Peru State College

An affordable accredited college for psychology degrees .it is designed for students that needs flexible and cheap degree that can be warned online and on campus.
Tuition in-state $8,612
Out of state $8,612.

3. South West Minnesota State University in Marshall Minnesota

This is one of the best universities in the country. It offers many courses but psychology is taken very seriously and they offer a top-value affordable degree in psychology.
Tuition $8,612
Out of state $8,612.

4. Okhlama Panhandle State University (OPSU)

It is a cheap affordable degree program offers to allocate most of the students time to the field , while taking a look at psychology electives to build a degree that best fits their needs.
Tuition in-state $7,930
Out of state $8,674


5. Alcorn State University: Lorman Mississippi

This school offers affordable degree program in psychology to make a great choice for the students who want to learn about subsection of psychology to decide on what they can specialised on to achieve their dreams.
In-state tuition$7,084
Out of state $7,084.

6. Eastern New Mexico University:

This program entails courses on memory , perception,human biology and social influence. It also offers unique internship specifically for psychology students to have experience in the field.
Out of state$8,247.

7. The university of Texas of the Permian basin (UTPB)

Students who wish for psychology will fashion out their degree for the pathway with the help of an academic advisor.
In-state $3,926
Out of state $7,926.

With the aforementioned lists, I hope you will have knowledge on the affordable universities to pursue your degree program in psychology. NOTE that the above named institutions were not listed based on any metric other than their tuition fee, which may be altered at any time. And therefore, it is expected of all prospective applicants to make further enquiries or research on these institutions before coming to a conclusion.



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