This article will provide you with the updated list of available courses in UNILAG[UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS]

Like I said earlier I will answer to all your questions as regarding the Updated list of courses offered in UNILAG and their respective JAMB combination.

So basically, I have made it very easy for you to easily navigate through, the subject combination that you will need to get into any of theĀ listed courses offered in UNILAG.

NOTE: All the courses listed below requires you to have The Use of English while registering for them in your JAMB exam.

1Accountancy / AccountingMathematics, Economics plus any Social Science subject.
2Actuarial ScienceMathematics, Economics and one (1) other subject.
3Adult EducationGovernment/History, one (1) Social Science subject and any other subject.
4ArchitecturePhysics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics
5BiochemistryBiology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics
6Biomedical EngineeringPhysics, Chemistry and Biology.
7BuildingMathematics, Physics and Chemistry
8Business AdministrationMathematics, Economics and one (1) other subject.
9Business EducationMathematics, Economics plus one (1) of Literature in English, History, Government, Geography, Chemistry and Physics.
10Cell Biology and GeneticsChemistry, Biology and either Physics or Mathematics
11Chemical EngineeringMathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
12ChemistryChemistry and two of Physics, Biology and Mathematics.
13Chinese Studies(i) For Programme A, French and any other two (2) subjects.
(ii) For Programme B, any three (3) subjects.
14Christian Religious Knowledge / StudiesTwo Arts subjects including Christian Religious Knowledge and any other subject.
15Civil EngineeringPhysics, Chemistry and Mathematics
16Computer EngineeringMathematics, Physics and Chemistry
17Computer ScienceMathematics, Physics and one of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography
18Creative ArtsFine Arts and two (2) other Arts subjects or Social Science subjects.
19Dentistry And Dental SurgeryChemistry, Biology and one (1) other Science subject
20Dentistry and Dental TechnologyChemistry, Biology and one (1) other Science subject
21Early Childhood EducationAny three (3) subjects.
22Education and BiologyBiology and two (2) other subjects from Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
23Education and ChemistryChemistry and two (2) other subjects chosen from Physics, Biology and Mathematics.
24Education and Christian Religious StudiesTwo Arts subject including Religious studies and one other subject.
25Education and EconomicsEconomics, Mathematics and one other subject from Geography/Physics, History, Government and Lit. in English.
26Education and FrenchFrench plus two (2) other Arts subjects.
27Education and GeographyGeography plus two (2) other Social Sciences/Arts subjects.
28Education and HistoryHistory and any other two (2) subjects chosen from Christian Religious Studies / Islamic Studies, Literature in English, French, Yoruba, Geography/Physics, Economics, Government and Hausa.
29Education and IgboIgbo and two (2) other Arts subjects.
30Education and Integrated ScienceAny three of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Agric Science.
31Education and Islamic StudiesIslamic Studies/Arabic and two (2) other Social Science or Arts subjects.
32Education and MathematicsMathematics and any two (2) of the following Science subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
33Education and PhysicsPhysics, Mathematics or Chemistry plus one (1) other subject.
34Education and YorubaYoruba and any two (2) subjects chosen from History, Literature in English, French, Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Geography and Physics.
35Educational AdministrationAny three(3) of Literature. In English, History, French, Geography/Physics, Economics and Mathematics.
36Electrical / Electronic EngineeringMathematics, Physics and Chemistry
37English LanguageLiterature in English, one other Arts subject and another Arts or Social Science subject
38English LanguageLiterature in English, one other Arts subject and another Arts or Social Science subject
39Estate ManagementMathematics, Economics and one other subject
40FinanceMathematics, Economics, plus any one (1) of Government and Geography
41FisheriesChemistry, Biology and Mathematics or Physics.
42FrenchFrench and any other two (2) subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.
43GeologyAny three of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Geography.
44GeophysisPhysics Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics
45Guidance and CounselingAny three (3) subjects.
46Health EducationBiology and any two (2) relevant subjects.
47History and Strategic StudiesHistory and any other two subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.
48Home Economics and EducationChemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science and one other subject.
49Human KineticsEnglish Language and three (3) other relevant subjects
50IgboIgbo and two (2) subjects from Arts and social Sciences.
51Industrial MathematicsMathematics and any two (2) of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology and Agricultural Science
52Industrial Relations and Personnel ManagementMathematics, Economics plus one (1) other subject
53InsuranceMathematics, Economics and one (1) other subject.
54Islamic StudiesIslamic Studies plus two (2) other Arts subjects
55LawAny three Arts or Social Science subjects.
56Marine BiologyBiology, Chemistry & Physics or Maths
57Mass CommunicationAny three (3) from Arts or Social Science subjects
58MathematicsMathematics and any two (2) of Physics, Chemistry and Economics or Geography.  
59Mechanical EngineeringMathematics, Physics and Chemistry
60Medical Laboratory Technology / SciencePhysics, Chemistry and Biology.
61Medicine and Surgery

Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
62Metallurgical and Material EngineeringPhysics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
63MicrobiologyBiology, Chemistry and either Physics or Mathematics
64Nursing / Nursing SciencePhysics, Chemistry and Biology.
65Petroleum and Gas EngineeringChemistry, Mathematics and Physics
66PharmacologyPhysics, Chemistry and Biology.
67PharmacyPhysics, Chemistry and Biology.
68PhilosophyAny three (3) subjects.
69PhysicsPhysics, Mathematics and Chemistry or Biology.
70PhysiologyPhysics, Chemistry and Biology.
71PhysiotherapyPhysics, Chemistry and Biology.
72PsychologyAny three (3) subjects from Arts or Social Science
73Quantity SurveyingPhysics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics
74RadiographyPhysics, Chemistry and Biology.
75RussianFrench and any two (2) other Arts/Science subjects
76Social WorksMathematics, Economics/Geography and any other subject
77SociologyThree (3) Social Science or Arts subjects.
78Surveying and Geo-InformaticsPhysics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics
79Systems EngineeringMathematics, Physics and Chemistry
80Technical EducationPhysics, Mathematics, Chemistry.
81Urban and Regional PlanningMathematics, Geography and one of Economics, Physics, Chemistry
82YorubaYoruba and two (2) other subjects in Arts or Social Sciences
83ZoologyBiology and any two (2) of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
84Christian Religious Studies (CRS)Two (2) Arts subjects including CRS and any other subject.
85Linguistics with Igbo / YorubaAny Language and two (2) other subjects






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