At the early hours of today, some Students (Names Withheld) we’re apprehended for the misuse of The University’s Equipment installed for learning purposes at the CBN Lecture theatre, University of Ibadan.
The two Students claimed to be Students of the University of Ibadan and CBN Lecture theatre Executives. They explained themselves to have been using the computer and Projector to display an advert for an upcoming event organized for 100 Level Students on the 18th January, 2020 and that they were not attempting destroying the equipment in the operator’s room. 

They were in the act when a Lecturer walked in for his class and he was furious about the scene created in the Lecture room. He immediately informed the school’s Security and they came in a van to get the boys for further questioning and Special treats.

I was there at the ceremony when 4 million Naira was raised for the funding of the equipment in the hall. If I am carrying laptop up and down because the systems in the Lecture room aren’t working. Then you shouldn’t tamper with the other equipment here.”
“Did your parents send you here to make money? Or did your parents send you here to become pastors and Ministers of religion? What they sent you here to do is to come and read. And if you’re getting distracted and you cannot help yourself out then it is unfortunate. Exam is just a few days away.”
“When the Security comes they will take them away. Then they will identify if truly they are Students or Federal School of Statistics or Polytechnic Students.”
“If you know how much was used in fixing this lecture theatre after it was built you will not attempt to destroy it! If we cannot Manage our System then our country has no Hope!”
These were the words of the Lecturer as he lamented on the rate of miscreants plundering the University.

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