Quick things you need to know.

Before I delve into the subject matter of the above headline, I would want to quickly sensitize us with some very quick but useful note on some things about the so-called new human corona virus. Am sure if you read this article well, it will help you better with your essay writting in your respective schools.

So many people have the idea that the corona virus is actually a myth: to those congregation of people I say; all the best oo.

The so called coronavirus saga started in the early 1960s: so I actually don’t know why they call it NEW. Maybe because there wasn’t an outbreak of it then anyways. Hey! I have this idea that will burst your ass. If you were a good student of biology in school then you will recall what am about to show you now.
You may check it also in your own.

Funny right… it is actually.

So I actually don’t know why it is called the new human corona virus.


Don’t make the mistake. It is called the new human coronavirus. Emphasis being laid on the NEW and HUMAN. Like I said earlier, my idea as to why it is called NEW may probably be because it is the first outbreak since discovery or as some expertise do say, “introduced to human for the first time”. Yeah! I think that is the the right word. Also it is called HUMAN because it was primarily found in animals expecially Bats. That’s all about that. Am not here to start preaching to you the history of coronavirus, I just felt this may be of help in our essay writing.


As a student who has been following trends of how question are being set, you might/should have seen that examiners often set question in essay writting based on the subject matter of the issue affecting the nation at that point in time. For example, let me share with you one of my experience on this subject matter.

During my 100 Level university days in the university of Ibadan. We were about writting our GES 101 examination. It would interest you that if I had known this tip I am telling you now. My situation wouldn’t have been like it was that day.
I never knew there was anything call “Amotekun” then. Ambiguous right? That is how it was to me too when I saw the question in my examination. And my head somersaulted for almost ten time before I could read through the question. “Write on the Amotekun imbroglio and a recommended solution to it” That sounds odd, isn’t it? Yes it it.
That was exactly how I felt when I happily saw this big grammar in my exam paper. Then I became dumbfounded cous my head was just blank of idea.

I apparently had no prior idea on the question topic whereas; this same topic was the subject matter going on in the country as at that point in time which I was synonymously deaf to. Just to cut the long story short so that you won’t be coronalised just like I was amotekunized in my GES 101 examination; i vehemently advice you read on coronavirus as an exam question. Why?

Because it will surely come out in your WAEC essay writting, your use of English essay writting exams and any other examination thats will just require you to write an essay, even in your physical health education and general papers, expect to see some basic questions on this pandemic. Even if you don’t know anything about it just know the following.

  1. Origin of Coronavirus
  2. Causative agent of coronavirus
  3. Vectors of Coronavirus
  4. Preventive measure of Coronavirus
  5. Mode of transmission of the virus
  6. How not to get infected with the disease
  7. Myths on how it is contracted
  8. Most affected country with Covid-19
  9. Total numbers of cases in Nigeria
  10. Total number of deaths and numbers discharged
  11. How not to spread Coronavirus.

Looks much but these are just very few questions out of many that may be asked. You surely will need most of these to build up a good essay in your exams.

Moving on to the subject matter. What are the best areas to focus as a student willing for excel in the face of Covid 19? Which I otherwise call “the Covid-19 era”.

Adaptation is one of the most precious gift God gave to every creature to the extent that if a man who had two legs yesterday by circumstance or paradventure suddenly had an accident today, by tomorrow he will start adapting to a new lifestyle of moving without a leg.

Even animals in the bush do adapt to changes and seasons. So therefore, humans have been machined to adapting to various changes as it comes except death.

Without much ado, the below are the three key areas you need to focus your energy on as a student willing to excel in the face of Covid 19

1. Read books.

The power of reading extensively cannot just be over-emphasised. What you read are what makes you who you are most times.
When I talk of reading: don’t put on your head the whole idea of reading just english textbook, mathematics, biology, physics or chemistry. No, that affirmatively is not what I meant. Of course i will never dispute the fact that reading these books is tantamount to having good grades in your junior or high school education. Let me buttress this idea with my chat with a guy.
Just some few day ago, this guy came up to chat me up. He said hi sir, “I want to introduce you to this new online platform where you can make very easy money just by sharing post and referring other people to join the platform” “all you need to do is just to register with a token of #1000. Am sure you have the idea of what such a site/platform will be like now.
Then I replied him. I said my guy, to be honest with you I understand fully well what you are trying to say even more than you do and you know what? All na scam.
Then he was like, what then could he be doing since the lockdown is not allowing them to go to school? Then I told him “read books”, he was like, but I read books too, in fact I just finished up my biology scheme of work. Inside of me I smiled. Then I told him the exact kind of books I wanted him to be reading.

So many students out there also reason like this my guy friend. They think like him and spend their whole precious lockdown break to out of ignorance enrich other people by sharing their site’s post and getting penny for referring people to them when they also could as well read good books to open up their mindsets and unravel the hidden secret of 21st century ways of making money.

The point am driving at is that there are many other books out there which can improve your thinking strategy, your reasonability, build your public speaking confidence, your marketing strategy and many others. I don’t start listing them for you when Google has it all. All you need to do is to think within yourself and decide which area you want to build yourself on. Then type it on Google to search for related books and you’re good to go. A scholar once said “The more you read, the more you know”. That’s just the blatant truth.

2. Read books.

A very big mistake most students make which I wouldn’t want you to to make is their non-challant attitude to their books. Don’t get confused here. I initially said you shouldn’t spend your whole time trying to cover up all your scheme of work. But now I am telling you to study your book like you won’t study again.

Have it in mind that the general educational system of the country has been altered due to the Coronavirus, and therefore you should not expect that it will continue the same way it used to be.

So many scheme of work are going to be changed. For those preparing for some exams, just know that social distancing will be practiced in your examination hall. How? The way you will be seated. It’s might be more spacious than it use to be on a normal day. And that spells something for those who do depend on their seatmate for some kind of help in the examination, isn’t it? Yes it is.

This time, it’s going to be a function of what you truely have upstairs and not what you intend downloading from your fellow exam candidate.

It’s a wake up call for you to start reading very well if you have one exam or the other to write before the declaration of the total lockdown. Don’t be too overwhelmed with some other unnecessary extra activities which will allow you come out poor in your exams. Remember, “No excuse for failure”.

3. Learn a Skill.

Learning a good skill is another area you should focus on as a very key strategy of thriving in 21st Century especially with the way the whole world is taking another shape due to the lockdown effect. Not to waste too much time on this;

Example of skills that can fetch you very good income as a student are


People most time overlook barbing as a job with penny income, to those who think that way I say, “All the best o”. Because by my calculation, barbing is a very lucrative profession which cost less a money to start.

Let’s analyse this in a more simpler format. Let’s say in a day you have just 8-10 people coming to your shop to barb in a day, one of them will cost at least $0.52. Calculate that for 10 persons, that is almost $6 then calculate $6 for just six working days in a week will be $36 then for one month you can make over $140 just at the minimum.

Barbing skill is indeed a cool and easy way to fetch cool income you should explore as a student.

Website Designing

Web designing is a very good skill that can fetch you a cool income as a student even while in school.

The most interesting part of this is that, web designing is what you can simply learn on your own just by watching tutorials on YouTube.

Web designing is simply the skill that enable you create very good responsive pages for people who needs it either for business purpose or personal use. It may actually take time to be perfect at it but trust me, it is worth the effort.


Blogging is simply the act of creating an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

This is well another good skill you can learn as a student without anybody teaching you. And a very lucrative channel to divert you energy.

Instrumental skill

You wonder what that means? Do you know knowing how to play an instrument could fetch you a very reasonable income as a student?

Let take for example you specialize in playing just guitar, you may be lucky to get into a church ready to pay you well for your gift or even join a band to play for occations and this does not even disturb your education.

This is a good channel to dig into during this period of lockdown and learn one instrument, emphasy laid on ONE, don’t learn too many so that you won’t become master of NON.

Project Writing

This one skill most people don’t belive exist. It simply the act of writing final year project for students who for one reason or the other don’t have time to write by themselves.

They may be the one to provide you with the topic or you help them developer one and you’ll write it for them in exchange for your cool cash. This a simply an easy pieci way to make money when you get to school, so you had better start using this period to develop yourself.

For more I formation on some Simple skills you can learn to fetch you high income CLICK HERE


There is a popular saying that ” if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail”. This lockdown period is not a time for you to frivolize about, engaging in uneccesary activities that will add no value to you as student. Don’t see it as a break from work or school, the more you start seeing it from that perspective the more lazy you continue to get in using it judiciously for your personal development. But when you start seeing it from the angle of using it to actually develop yourself, to learn new skill, to read book on new ideas, to create new innovations, to solve problems for people, to create problems for people and also proffer the right solution to them, then in that way; you will become productive not only to yourself but also to the family and even to the society at large.

Make your lockdown a medium to knockdown being broke.

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